the purgatory players and church in austin

Thunderstorms.  Rain.  Lightning.  That all happened early Sunday morning in Austin.  We woke late, having been awakened off and on by the storm.  And we had no electricity.

But we knew where to go for coffee and breakfast tacos.

And for music.  Lots of music.

2013-03-23 011It’s a coffee house, it’s a music venue, it’s a wi fi hotspot.

DMP loved it.

Then we headed up to Son #1’s house in Round Rock.  Amber and my adorably chatty grandson were happy to see us, as was the dog.  Amber made guacomole and a delicious Mexican beef stew.  We brought bristle blocks and raspberry jam and a box of gourmet cupcakes from the South Congress cupcake trailer.

2015-05-17 001The Idaho Bear Poop candy was greeted with great suspicion.

2015-05-17 034

2015-05-17 012

John explains Star Wars clones to DMP.

2015-05-17 015

It’s always fun to have an uncle to tease!!

Later on we thought about going out to hear some music at the Continental Club, but that thought lasted about thirty seconds.  The storm was over, the power was back on and the three of us were in bed early.

Story Man had to work at 7:30 Monday morning, while DMP and I were going north to Round Rock and Georgetown for some Texas-style shopping.

To be continued…


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hello in there, hello.

The whole purpose of this whirlwind trip to Austin was to see John Prine in concert.

Dancing Mandolin Player, my two Austin sons and I drove downtown to Bass Hall, located on the University of Texas campus right behind the football stadium.

We arrived a few minutes early, before the box office and the “Will Call” window opened.

I had ten extra  minutes to pray that I hadn’t been scammed by a ticket website last December 8th.

At 6:30 I received my four tickets and two minutes later we were in line to get into the building.

“Wow,” one of the volunteers said.  “Nice seats!!”

Sigh of relief.

 We ate in the cafe.  We browsed John Prine’s merchandise (DMP bought a hat and a cd), we found our seats:

A-Row Center.

Be still my heart.

John Prine at Bass Hall.  Photo by DMP.

John Prine at Bass Hall.

He sang for two hours without stopping.

Bass Hall was packed to the rafters with his fans.

I first heard of John Prine when I went to a Kris Kristofferson show in the early 1970’s.  He sang a song by “my good friend John Prine” called “Hello In There”.

And when John Prine sang it Saturday night I cried.  Sometimes in life things come full circle and hearing that song live was one of those times.

I felt like the luckiest person on the planet.

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heading to texas with DMP

Last Friday Dancing Mandolin Player and I packed our bags and headed to Spokane to catch a plane to Texas.


In my carry-on rolling bag was the receipt for John Prine concert tickets.

We were very excited because neither one of us had ever seen him in concert and we like to sing John Prine songs with the band.

I was a little nervous about the tickets.  I’d bought them through what I hoped was the John Prine fan site, through a ticket-purchasing program that had promised the best seats in the house and would be reserved before the seats were open to the general public.  I’d bought four tickets (the max allowed by the fan club) and planned on Son #1 and Son #2 joining us.

Anyway, we boarded the plane and I’d hoped that my window seat would provide a view of the lake.

If I could download the photos of the lake I would.  Instead you can see the clouds covering the lake.


We landed in Phoenix, which didn’t have rain when we landed but then ended up with a massive storm that grounded planes for a while.


We had a four hour layover which meant shopping.  Lots of shopping.  We didn’t buy much, though.  Just some rattlesnake eggs.

Then it was on to Austin, a short 2 hour flight, to land at 11:15 PM and meet Son #2 (aka Story Man), who looked happy to see that we’d made it to Austin safely.

Why do our grown children wonder what we’re doing and think we’re going to get in trouble somewhere along the way????


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a good way to spend a wednesday afternoon

Hope Mountain Blues Reunion.

Hope Mountain Blues Reunion.

A sunny day up on the mountain and some hours of music together!  Plus lunch and chocolate.  Does it get any better than that?


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an idaho mother’s day

Mother’s Day began with coffee on the dock.

2015-05-10 004

Not a bad way to start the day.

Then at noon we headed “downtown” for a little music.

2015-05-10 015

View from the outside.

View from the inside.

View from the inside.

We ate quiche and soup and apple pie.  And listened to our favorite musicians.

Bruce and Beth.

Bruce and Beth.

Intermission sunshine:

2015-05-10 0102015-05-10 012 2015-05-10 013

Then Sarge came down from the woods and joined us on a trip to 18-miles-away-town for an early dinner of burgers and fries at Trinity, which faces the city beach.

Why do they look so grumpy?  I thought we were having fun!

Why do they look so grumpy? I thought we were having fun!

Then it was time to do laundry, because we were desperate.  Especially Sarge, because he is known to pack light.  Very light.  Almost nonexistent, even.

They have a television again at the laundromat and guess what was on!  River Monsters!!!  The laundry attendant and I were the only ones in the place, so I chose to skip going with the guys to Home Depot and the grocery store and instead sat down with my new friend–also a huge River Monsters fan–to watch an episode of “Alaskan Horror”.

2015-05-10 017

2015-05-10 019The laundromat had had a little problem with one of the dryers, and then a very small fire, which made the gas company nervous enough to turn off the gas, so there was no hot water and no dryers.  But we didn’t care.  And Sarge certainly didn’t!

The day ended with four rounds of Mexican Train dominoes, when Banjo Man beat me by two tiny little points.

And we finished off the last of the peach pie.

All in all, an excellent day!!!!

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sitting on top of the world


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sarge is in charge

IMG_20150503_170312Sarge took good care of us yesterday, as you can see.  Banjo Man decided to take advantage of Sarge’s muscles and Southwest  Airlines free baggage policy and bring out some “important” summer things ahead of time.

I think the new Fourth of July tablecloth I bought is important, don’t you?

As Banjo Man told me, “You load up that car with too much stuff!”

But he always says that.  I think  he’s grumped about my “stuff” for eight or nine years now.

Pay no attention to that man with the banjo.

So after a long day of travel (up at 3 AM to catch an early plane out of Providence) we ended up at the lake by 6 PM (9 PM EDT), to bed at 9 and up early to admire the lake and the mountains.

Speaking of mountains….the guys have gone up to the mountain today to “walk the land” and check on the cabin.  Lunches were packed, walking sticks taken, water bottles filled, etc.

I am getting ready for some time on the dock (yes, it will be chilly but that is what hot coffee is for), girlfriend time, unpacking the suitcases and tuning the instruments.  I’m not sure if I can play the guitar–and this rotator cuff injury won’t let me play the fiddle–but it will be good to see–and hear–the band after a long, long, LONG winter.

As Banjo Man said this morning, big grin on his face as he started for the woods, “Let the party begin!”



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how long has it been?

We are packing, getting ready for 12 days of northwest sunshine and mountain views!

How long has it been???  200 days, that’s how long!

I love this song.  Anyone want to play it with me next week?

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tidying up, more info

Just read this article at Houzz.

I loved this book and it resulted in some organized space in the kitchen and china closets, space I’d been using in the wrong way.  Lots of photos and interviews!

tidying up

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the imitation game

the-imitation-game-poster-slice-1024x539We might be two of the last people to see this movie, but we were so glad we finally had a chance to sit down and watch it last week.  What a wonderful movie!!!  Well worth the rental fee from Verizon.  Benedict Cumberbatch plays the genius (with Aspbergers?) who broke the German “enigma” code in World War II.  Lots of behind-the-scenes historical info that no one knew about for many,  many years after the war.

For more information, click

If you liked this movie, check out PBS’s series, the Bletchley Circle, at http://

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