should it be a song?

     Someone told me I should write a bluegrass song.  More years, less teeth… 
     What rhymes with “teeth”?
     I have a toothache.  Got in to see the She Dentist last Monday and she banged around on it–why do they DO that?—and then saw the crack.  It’s a worthless old molar, as far back as it can get without being in my ear, so I wish she had believed me when I told her what the problem was.  My tooth wouldn’t hurt this much if she’d left it alone.
     My mouth was on fire.  I kept telling the She  Dentist that my tooth “burned”, which she totally did not get.  I got the German Frowny Face (she is German, with an accent) again.  She is very good at making that face.
     At least she wrote me a prescription for Percocet.  :)
     Someone at the dentist mega-office would have pulled it for me that afternoon, but I require anesthesia (it’s either that or simultaneously sobbing and peeing myself while having a tooth pulled, plus I have a long and bad history with complicated extractions), which the She Dentist sniffed at.  So I have to wait a week to see a surgeon, who requires a consult (when did they start doing that???).  I bullied the guy on the phone into scheduling the tooth extraction the day after today’s “consult” instead of waiting a week to look at the calendar.
     I said, “Look, this makes no sense.  I’m sitting here in CVS with my eyes watering from pain, I have a cracked tooth and I’m waiting for Percocet, and you want me to wait WEEKS to have this done????”
     “Well,” he said, a little scared now.  “The doctor needs to go over the anesthesia and your health records.”
     “That’s fine.  I’ve had the anesthesia for two tooth extractions and four finger surgeries and about six colonoscopies.  It’s not going to be a problem.”
     “Well…you have to watch a video online first.”
     “Also not a problem.”
     “And I can only schedule the surgery for the next day tentatively…”
     “That would be wonderful.”
     “And I have to tell you how much it’s going to cost.”
     At that point I wanted to repeat the eyes-watering-from-pain thing again, but I restrained myself.
     In the meantime the tooth has stopped hurting, I haven’t needed the Percocet and I’ve been happily existing on yogurt and baked potato soup.
     Want the recipe?  It’s easy.
      Cook 6 cups of diced potatoes in 8 cups of chicken broth.  Add 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp white pepper.   Mash ‘em up as much (or as little) as you want.  While the potatoes are cooking, fry up a package of hot Italian sausage (crumbled).  Drain, then dump into the cooked potato mixture.  Cut an 8 oz. package of cream cheese into chunks and stir into the soup.  It will take a while to dissolve, so turn the heat down on the soup and give it a stir frequently.
      That’s it.  You can add chopped green onions.  I tossed in a 1/2 cup of chopped kale for color.


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is this the answer?

threetieredovenrackThis might make the holiday cooking easier, especially since the Triple Task Drawer on my Sears Kenmore oven died.  I liked having the smaller oven for casseroles and rolls, but it only lived a few years.  Replacing the element is not an option.

But this is.  For $22.  Cheaper than an oven repairman!!!!!

Check it out at at Williams Sonoma if you need more space, too.

Same version, cheaper price on Amazon.

Interesting reviews.  I’d better measure carefully!!!


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making progress, turning blue

Remember this picture?

2014-11-29 002Last Sunday I emptied it all out.

2014-12-04 001And took out all of the shelves.


2014-12-04 006


And painted it “Opal Silk”.2014-12-05 039Now it’s time to get Banjo Man involved.  I bought metal strips and have found the studs, so the next step should be “easy”.  LOL!!!

Poor Banjo Man.  He thinks he’s watching football this afternoon.

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the secret to decorating

….is to leave your Christmas decorations on the mantel all year long.

2014-12-05 003

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let it go?

Am I the only person in the universe who has not seen the movie “Frozen” or heard the song?  Some little girl with a big voice advises, “Let it go.”  (I don’t know who she is singing to or what is being let go, but I will google all that later, right after I clean the bathrooms and make that appointment to have a tooth pulled.)

I knew nothing about Frozen, until I went to Walmart Saturday.  This is what I saw:

2014-11-29 010A Frozen Karaoke machine?

2014-11-29 011

I think this is a magic mirror that also sings.  If you are over 60 and have a singing magic mirror, what would your songs be?

Delbert McLinton’s “I Had A  Real Good Time” comes to mind.

I might have to think about this all day.  Or ask my magic mirror what it wants to sing to me the next time I pluck my eyebrows.

2014-11-29 012

Whoa!  Princess dresses!  Love the sparkly stuff!!!

Now this is weird….


2014-11-29 013A waffle maker???  Really?

No one paid any attention to me when I whipped my camera out of my purse and photographed the Frozen toys.  There was a microphone that played The Song, so you could sing along.  I thought that was cute.  There were books and stickers and towels and bedspreads and dolls and bubble blowers.

There are no little girls in my family, which you probably figured out by now.  So I am Frozen Ignorant.

I felt a lot more comfortable in the aisle with the Tonka trucks.  They make a lot of noise when you push the buttons, but no one sings.

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what to give a 4 year old boy

While in line at Home Depot last Saturday I spotted this, so I bought one for my grandson for Christmas.

buglitCan you believe it’s a flashlight????  An LED Micro flashlight?

You can bend it, wrap it and twist it.

As it says on the package, it “sits, stands, stays and shines”.

Who could ask for anything more, especially if you’re a boy?

To read more about it, click HERE.

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the art of tidying up meets pinterest

tidying up

A couple of weeks ago I saw this book on Amazon and I thought My French Friend Janou would love it.

So first I bought it for myself, to see if it was something she would like, and I became completely, totally intrigued.  I’ll blog more about it in another post, because it deserves some time.  She believes that you should keep what you love, what makes you happy.  And forget the rest.

Say, for example, you own a lot of shoes.  You are to take every shoe you own, from every closet in the house, and put them all in the middle of the room, on the floor.  Then you go through them, one pair at a time, and pick out the ones you love.  You hold each pair of shoes and decide if they make you happy.  (Personally, very few pairs of shoes have ever made me happy, so I only own Free Spirit clogs, a few sandals and cowboy boots).

So I do not need to put my shoes in the middle of the floor.

(But I know I need to do that with my vintage tablecloths.  I know that most of them make me happy.  But not all.)

And then, after you have all the “happy things” sorted out, you have to find a place to store them.  You may not need as big a shoe rack as you thought you did.

She also believes that you need a good reason, a “mission statement” (I’m not sure if she used that phrase or if I am paraphrasing here) to keep you focused.

Well, I’m going to follow the advice in this book because I am tired of not being able to find things.

I toss stuff out, donate to the Salvation Army, haul old treasures to the consignment stores, set up an Etsy Shop, list things on ebay, etc.

And I still can’t find what I want when I want it.

So I’m willing to give this Japanese thing a try.

She suggests starting with clothes, but since I don’t have all that many clothes, I decided to go with kitchen stuff.

I have a 68″ wide, 24″ deep closet.

Here’s the dream:


Here’s the reality:

2014-11-29 001I can’t believe I just put this photo on the blog.

A pie plate fell off the shelf Friday.  Quite a mess.

And a serving platter fell out Tuesday and hit me on the toe.  It is still bruised (the toe, I mean; the plate didn’t break).

I’ve spent all day, since 7 AM, reorganizing closets and cabinets and kitchen cupboards.  I have thrown very few things away, but changing shelves has made a big difference.

Banjo Man says he’ll do anything the Japanese author and I come up with, because he’s tired of years of “I can’t find it!!!” hissy fits.

Excuse me, because I have to go back to reading this book…….

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if you take a break from cooking…


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getting ready

Snow is coming.

According to the weather reports, we’re going to get hit by a real nor’easter on Wednesday.

Sarge is coming.  Hopefully before the snow.  We might even see him tonight.

As of an hour ago, I have a turkey and all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner, including Sarge’s favorite spinach casserole.  The supermarket was packed with shoppers getting supplies purchased before the storm hits.

There was a bit of a gridlock in front of the potatoes.

potatoes cart


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he’s 42?

Wow, where did those years go?????

scan056Happy Birthday to my very loved oldest son.


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