happy birthday, sarge

You’re looking good!!!

2014-06-08 025

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remember the parade?

Here are some of the photos of the 4th of July parade!!!

2014-07-04 002

This year’s theme: honoring our veterans!

2014-07-04 004

Mike, our float designer.

2014-07-04 005

Our mountain goat, in honor the Scotchman Wilderness.

2014-07-04 011

Jon, with his grandson (right) and nephew (left). The boys are wearing his old uniforms.

2014-07-04 020

Petra and Connie get ready to serenade the crowd.

2014-07-04 015

A proud grandson.

2014-07-04 021

Julie, who keeps the beat for all of us.

2014-07-04 034

The “horn section” waits for our turn in line.

2014-07-04 035

Very patient Bruce on the bass.

2014-07-04 037

Linda is ready with her accordion.

2014-07-04 052

Best Adult Float Trophy!!!

2014-07-04 057

Story Man thinks we were great.

2014-07-04 059

So gorgeous!!!!!

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daddy’s birthday

He would have been 89 today.

1993 Dad at TBTS007

We never stop missing him.

How he would have laughed at this scene at the Cousins Weekend!

2014-06-08 008

With birthdays two days apart, Sarge and Grandpa often shared a party. My dad’s favorite cake was made of Dunkin Donuts!
TonygrandpaSpeaking of birthdays, Sarge is turning 31 soon…

And I’ll bet he wishes he could have a doughnut cake.

I need an excuse to make one.

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until next year…

The Sisters, Etc. visit was another Event, with the parade and the fireworks and the warm weather and a chatty three-year old to entertain us.

There were lots of wonderful meals…
2014-07-05 037

And many wild card games…
2014-07-06 004


2014-07-05 007

And conversations that lasted long after sunset…
2014-07-06 007

See you all next year!!!

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keeping the windows closed

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

This is smoke.



The fires in central Washington are far away, but close enough to fill the air with smoke.

Our hearts go out to those folks in Washington who have lost their homes.  You can read more about it here:  http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/fast-growing-washington-wildfire-burns-homes-24609109


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smoke and fires

Our sunny, hot summer days have turned smokey.  Fires in central Washington are the cause.  It’s amazing how the smoke travels, though it is quite far away.

Here’s the link to the map:   http://www.nwccweb.us/information/firemap.aspx

Yesterday afternoon a dark red sun burned through some of the smoke to create an odd glow in the sky.

I watched it for a few minutes, then fell asleep (I was on the dock, recovering from a long day of errands in town).  Story Man caught a 2-pound bass.  Banjo Man cleaned it.  We grilled it for dinner and I beat the guys–once again–in Canasta.

I’m sorry to have been so long in posting.  Our bouncing-off-mountains internet service is often too slow to load pictures.  And I’m too impatient to sit here in the office and wait for things to load, time-out, then load again.

I promise to do better.  I really do.

This morning I was up early, with such good intentions!  My little office is still not organized.  Stacks of music and piles of cords litter the floor.  Zip lock bags of computer stuff are all over my makeshift desk.  I need to hook up the monitor, organize the speakers, arrange the guitars, take out the trash.

This is not very interesting, is it?

I’m sorry.

2014-07-06 019


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getting ready…

…for tomorrow morning’s fishing trip.

2014-07-10 004

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after the parade, it’s summer…

Time to fish.  Check out Banjo Man’s lucky red hat.
2014-07-04 081

Time to tease a big cousin.

2014-07-04 066Time to tease Mom with the pool noodles.

2014-07-04 068Time for romance.

2014-07-04 075

Time to kayak.

2014-07-04 089

And best of all, time for a nap.

2014-07-04 079

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scenes from the clark fork parade

Small town America.  It’s the best.

Here are pictures I took while perched on our float as we lined up on a side street.

2014-07-04 040 2014-07-04 025 2014-07-04 023

“If you can’t do it in a tractor, it doesn’t need to get done!”

2014-07-04 022

(I think he was on his cell phone!)

And here’s the view of the crowd, while we were in the middle of the parade route.

2014-07-04 042And seen in the parking lot, at the end of the parade…

2014-07-04 0552014-07-04 0562014-07-04 050Due to a technical glitch, photos of the Friends of Scotchman Peak Wilderness float and the Cougar Creek Band will be posted in the next edition of the blog.

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getting ready for summer

Story Man has been indispensable this past week.

Because he is young.  And energetic.  And doesn’t have a bad back or bad legs or bad knees.

And because he is a helpful kind of guy.

His uncle was thrilled to hand the power washing chores to the next generation.

After some instruction, of course.

2014-06-29 002 2014-06-29 003 2014-06-29 004

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